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Lake Audy in Riding Mountain National Park

Lake Audy in Riding Mountain National Park

A Journey into the Past: Negrych Pioneer Homestead

Stepping onto the site of the Negrych Pioneer Homestead is like being transported in time and space, from 21st century Manitoba, to 19th century Ukraine. In 1897, Wasyl and Anna Negrych and their seven children left their home in the Carpathian Mountains of Western Ukraine to make a new life in Manitoba.

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Bob Cain's Bottle Houses

Visitors to the corner park at Railway Avenue and Alexander Street in Treherne will come away surprised and charmed by the small collection of unusual buildings located there.

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Did You Know - Central Plains?

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Geocaching Fever Has Hit Manitoba

There are plenty of ways to enjoy summer in Manitoba: water-skiing at the cottage, swimming at the white sand beaches, berry picking, bird-watching . . .

But suppose you’re looking to try something new and challenging, something that will get you and your family outdoors and keep everyone involved?

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How Flin Flon Got Its Name

The story of how Flin Flon got its name dates back to the year 1914. Prospector Tom Creighton and his escort, local trapper David Collins, were exploring the northern frontiers of Manitoba in search of ore.

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Spring Season

This Spring

As winter gives way to spring in Manitoba, a blanket of green begins to cover the province. Migrating birds return, and locals start their annual migration to cottage country. Look for seasonal campgrounds and resorts reopening throughout the province, most in time for the Victoria Day long weekend (Monday on or before May 24). Great deals on accommodations can often be had in this "shoulder season" before the busiers tourist season from mid-June until Labour Day (first Monday in September), the traditional end of the vacation season in Manitoba.

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